Work is done!

the fab 4

Its been a long few months. 90 dives. 4.85 days underwater. A ton of experiments complete. A bad ass beard.

We completed our final dive this morning, and spent the day packing gear and dropping off equipment staying in Zambia at fisheries. The visibility has gotten better overall, but it wasn’t as great this morning as I’d hoped for a perfect final dive. Plus my observations didn’t go as well as I would have hoped. But its done.

Tomorrow we take the 18 hour bus ride back to Lusaka, after which we need to run some errands around town before departing for a bit of a holiday to cap off our trip. Rumor has it there are other interesting animals to see in Africa besides cichlids, so we are going on a safari at South Luangwa National Park. We’ll be staying at Flat Dogs (, which is supposed to be one of the best in Zambia.

After the safari, we’ll be on our way back to North America and surely be perplexed by the lack of random children shouting “how are you?,” looking north to see weather that will arrive a day later, and stinking amazing sunsets over the ridge.

3 Replies to “Work is done!”

  1. We had a good time with your folks last night; I asked if you were going to have a photo-show and talk on your experiences. If so, Carol and I would sure like to be there. …gil..

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