BIOL 100 – General Biology

BIOL 108H – Honors Seminar in Biology

BIOL 385 – Principles of Animal Behavior

BIOL 396 – Marine Ichthyology

BIOL 471 – Topics: Herpetology

BIOL 471 – Topics: Marine Biology

BIOL 483 – Applied Ethology

BIO 101 – Foundations of Biology (lab only)

BIOL 211 – Concepts of Zoology (lab only)


EEOB 1930 – Introduction to Biological Studies: Aquatic Biology (Summer 2019, Stone Laboratory at Ohio State University)

WFC 141 – Behavioral Ecology (Winter 2019, University of California, Davis)

ZOO 4926 – Marine Ecology (Spring 2018, Semester of Immersion Program through University of Florida, course took place in Akumal, QR, Mexico)

EEOB 3420 – Field Behavioral Ecology (Summer 2016, Stone Laboratory at Ohio State University)

BIOL 1101 – Biology for non-majors (Summer 2015, Autumn 2015, Spring 2016, Ohio State University)

EEOB 5430 – Ecology of Fishes (Spring 2015, Ohio State University)


Outstanding TA Award (2013) – Awarded by Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at Ohio State University

Graduate Teaching Fellow (2012-2013) – Awarded by the Graduate School at Ohio State University

METRO Fellow (2010-2011) – Awarded by the Center for Life Sciences Education (CLSE) at Ohio State University

Teaching Careers Award (2006) – Awarded by the Biology Department at Wittenberg University


Dunedin High School, Dunedin, FL (2006-2009) – Marine Biology, Earth and Space Science, Biology I, Biology I – honors, AP Biology

Teaching Assistant (Ohio State University) – Evolution, Ethology, Ecology of Fishes, Organismal Diversity, Field Zoology, Introductory Biology (majors)


“I always hated science in high school and anticipated I’d hate it in college as well. However, this class was very interesting, and it ended up becoming my favorite class. Dr. Ligocki had a big part in this as he is passionate about the subject and made it very fun to learn.” -BIOL 1101 student

“He always wanted us to think for ourselves and come to the correct conclusions, which helped me learn much more than if he were to just give me the answer.” –BIOL 1114 student

“The entire course was rewarding and fun in my opinion. Great instruction, and going out into the field and interacting with nature was a blast!” -Field Behavioral Ecology student

“He is great at getting everyone going in a discussion.” -Ecology of Fishes student

“Dr. Ligocki’s lectures were always very stimulating and organized in a way to keep students engaged, either with the lecture itself or with each other. The atmosphere of the lecture hall was congenial… …the in-class activities were a novel way to engage the students with the content of the lecture and were also fun to do!” -BIOL 1101 student

“He asked tough questions and really made us think, which was good.” –BIOL 116 student

“Dr. Ligocki was clearly interested in the subject which made me more interested in learning. He was very helpful and approachable. Dr. Ligocki did a great job of incorporating real life examples into every topic.” -BIOL 1101 student

“He was a very good teacher. He was kind, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to help students.” –BIOL 1114 student

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