We’re here!


Above: a new friend at the farm.

We made it to Zambia! It is currently 5:30 p.m. here in Lusaka, we’re staying at the farm outside of town for the next few days before we depart for the lake. Its warm. Its beautiful. Everyone is extremely friendly. Today after leaving the airport we came to the farm, unloaded our gear, and cleaned up before going to the mall to pick up phones and SIM cards, as well as get some money changed to Kwatcha. Since returning to the farm, we’ve all quickly fallen asleep. The climate here today reminded me a lot of inland Florida, complete with an afternoon rain.

I did get a phone, its not a smart phone, and to my knowledge I don’t receive photo texts, but if you’d like the number e-mail me at my OSU account ligocki.3 and I’ll try to get it to you! It may be cheaper to call my phone over Skype, I’m unsure.

One Reply to “We’re here!”

  1. Isaac…glad your are there…sure home this will be a great time for you. Please send your Skype address…mine is emersongilbert

    Maybe we can chat online!


    Emerson D. Gilbert

    3115 Griggsview Court

    Columbus, Ohio 43221

    Home (614) 771-9520

    Cell (614) 207-2723

    Skype Name: emersongilbert

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