Everyone sounds like they’re from London!

ImageJenn and I getting ready to leave Columbus.

Jenn and I have arrived at Heathrow Airport in London. We’re currently waiting for all but one of the team members to arrive here (Kelly flies in on Monday) in the hopes we can meet up for lunch.

Both of our bags have been searched three times, each time we’ve had to explain what the dive weights and dissolved oxygen meters are. Both at JFK and Heathrow we didn’t realize we would be going through security again, and each time had to chug Nalgene bottles full of water before going through.I think the security officials are more entertained than anything else with all the random junk we have with us.

I must say the flight from JFK to here was one of the best I’ve been on. The concierge changed our seats so Jenn and I could share a row, but then it turned out there were few enough passengers that we each got our own row and got a few hours of sleep. The flight attendants were very friendly and the food was actually very good.

We’re here for 12 hours before flying to Lusaka overnight. I’m a little bummed that both flights are overnight; this morning I saw the city lights in Ireland, it would have been cool to see the landscape. Tonight we’ll be going over the Mediterranean, the Sahara, and the Congo. All at night. In any case, this is going to be an amazing trip, and I’m sure there will be plenty to see once in Zambia!


3 Replies to “Everyone sounds like they’re from London!”

  1. Ireland, Mediterranean, the Sahara, and the Congo. That’s an awesome list, especially in so short a time. Jealous, but hope you have a great time!

  2. Isaac..sorry we didn’t get to see you before you left Columbus, but will enjoy following your travels, experiments and work…have a safe and great time!

    After you settle in, if you can Skype some evening, we’d love to keep in touch.

    ..Emerson and Carol..

    Emerson D. Gilbert

    3115 Griggsview Court

    Columbus, Ohio 43221

    Home (614) 771-9520

    Cell (614) 207-2723

    Skype Name: emersongilbert

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