A few days of relaxing…

Go Bucks!

Having dove twice a day more or less every day since arriving, we have decided to take a couple of days to rest up and recuperate before the final drive of our field season. Its been a fun, relaxing, and entertaining few days!

On both Friday and today a number of police, navy, and other government officials have been at the lodge learning how to SCUBA dive. They’re a very friendly bunch, but none of us had any idea they’d be here. Apparently most of them learned to swim last week and from my perspective they’ve gotten comfortable with the whole thing very quick.

Yesterday we went back to Katoto for a fun dive to see all the fish in the rock garden. The rock garden is an area in 3-5 meters of clear water that has huge boulders as well as abundant aquatic plants. For whatever reason, this site has tons of fish, and most of them are way brighter than they are here. It was a great time, and both our bottle filler Fernandez and our boat drivers Damias and Mr. Kupembwe joined in for a fun swim. A bunch of kids on shore who in all likelihood may have never seen a Muzungu were waving from shore and yelling “Hey, Muzungu!” for our entire visit.

These kids found us swimming much more interesting than anything else going on.
These kids found us swimming much more interesting than anything else going on.
Adam rocking out a shatanga.

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