Internet has returned!


Above: What we found under a rock in camp. For reference its about 3 cm in length.

Thus far we’ve been very impressed with both cell phone service and wireless internet access. When these are working, all is well. When things require adjustment or renewal, they may have the most user un-friendly support systems. Finally, with some tinkering, and some brilliance by Mr. Adam Reddon, we are  back in contact with the western world (somewhat). Now if I only had more power for the laptop…

Diving has been good, and we’re making good progress on research. This morning a few of us met with Mr. Danny Sinyinsa at the Department of Fisheries to get some information about local sites of interest to us. He was as always extremely helpful and suggested some potentially great locations nearby for us to dive. After our meeting we went into town for some supplies and an ice cold coke.

I don’t really have a ton to report, our days of diving, eating, and sleeping have been going well. On any given day at least one of us knows what day of the week it is. We’ve seen lots of cool fish, plenty of other interesting things, and the people here continue to be extremely friendly.

Get ready for the next cichlid of the week, as a little teaser they’ve been ramping up for breeding the last week or so, and the full moon is upon us, so big things are going to be happening very soon!

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